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Santa's Home

Far, far away in the north, amid the endless wilderness of Finnish Lapland, is a mysterious mountain called Korvatunturi. Right at the foot, hidden from human eyes and ears, lives Santa Claus with his wife, his elves and his reindeer.
Santa's home is usually said to be either the north Pole in northen Canada, in Dalecarlia in Sweden, in Greenland or as it's beeen already mentioned, Korvatunturi in Finnish Lapland, depending on the tradition and country. Sometimes his home is in Caesarea or in The Laughing Valley of Hohaho.
New Year is the biggest moment of the year at Santa's home. All nine reindeer are hitched up, the elves are packing Santa's red sack which is magical in that it is bottomless and continues to sta full until Santa has made all his deliveries to all the children around the world. Finally, Santa's sleigh is flying across the sky. The elves wave good-bye. cheering for Santa and the reindeer as the begin their trip to deliver toys.

No one knows how old Santa is they say he stopped counting at 550! He is anxions to keep his secrets; he says they are, after all, an important part of the Christmans story. But one thing we know for sure is that he knows everything about us and our dreams. So don't forget that every time you go to bed and them get up the next morning, New Year is one day closser!!! 

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