пятница, 17 декабря 2010 г.

“Put your problems on probation, Run your troubles off the track, throw your worries out the window, it is Christmas time again” This quote represents the maddening impatience with which people wait for their favorite winter festival, yes! Christmas has arrived to take away those winter blues, and replace those dowdy moods with an atmosphere of hope and grandeur. It is that fun filled time of the year when the regular banalities of life seem like a passing phase, and you carry on with life amidst joyful worries of Christmas trees, presents, and turkey. All this fun and frolic aside, for those of you who are the curious sorts, it also poses a couple of questions. It makes you wonder how this wonderful festival came into existence. When did it start? Was it always like this? If not, how different was it? Here are some answers to these tiring questions that tweak your brain and give you a better understanding of the festival you love.

Grand Mom’s Biblical Version

To start off with, let us begin with your granny’s version of the tale; a really long time ago, 2000 years ago to be precise, there was a nice girl called Mary. Mary loved praying and one day as she sat by her small wooden bed and prayed, a stranger appeared and stood before her. Mary of course was scared but the stranger told her not to be afraid. The stranger was the angel Gabriel and he bore a message for her. The angel told her that she would have a son. At this point of time as a child, you probably screamed, “the son is Jesus” which is pretty obvious, but however the story doesn’t end here. The angel Gabriel also went to another person that night, the angel went to a man called Joseph, he asked Joseph to marry Mary. Joseph and Mary got married and she soon gave to birth to Jesus in a place called Bethlehem on the 25th December, the same day we celebrate Christmas. 

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